The Review Process

The Theme directory is a repository of GPL (or compatible) licensed WordPress Themes. The review process, by community members, ensures Themes conform to modern web standards, WordPress standards, and are, in general, of high quality. While the goal of the design review is to ensure that Themes are functional and meet standards, much of the review will surround technical issues. Themes will be checked for other factors, such as ensuring that designs are logical, and user-friendly.

  • Theme Preparation
  • Theme Upload
    • Once the Theme is ready for public release, upload it to the directory system.
    • Submitted Themes are automatically checked during upload to make sure they meet a few basic requirements.
    • Theme authors receive an automated e-mail message, indicating that their Theme files have been received.
    • Submitted Themes are assigned a ticket in the Theme Review Trac system, and entered into a review queue.
  • Theme Review
    • Theme reviewers test Themes against the Guidelines, using the method described here.
      • Themes must meet guidelines current as of the time of Theme submission.
      • Guidelines are updated following a major WordPress version release.
  • Theme Review Feedback
    • Theme reviewers will provide feedback to Theme authors in a timely manner; and Theme authors will have the opportunity to revise their Themes at any time.
    • Theme reviewers will either approve Themes or contact Theme authors with feedback and/or questions.
    • Theme authors can submit any changes via the upload page they used when they initially uploaded the Theme, either before or after a Theme has been approved.
    • If a Theme is not initially approved, Theme authors can rework the Theme and resubmit it.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your contributions!

Responding to a Review

A Theme will be held for approval until items listed as Required are addressed. Once these issues have been resolved, please re-submit your Theme using the uploader tool. A new Trac ticket will be generated. Also note, re-submitted Themes are given priority over newly submitted Themes to help speed up the process and to ensure timely updates are available to end-users.

Theme developer questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome … and encouraged!
Please use one of the following methods:

  • Leave a comment on the appropriate Trac ticket(s) related to the Theme;
  • Email the theme-reviewers email list (you may need to join first); or,
  • Use the #wordpress-themes channel on where you can find the Theme Review team.