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    Getting started in Support is a comfort level thing. You help where you’re most comfortable and because of that, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ reply to the simple question of “How do I get started?”

    We can, however, give you some general pointers.

    • Follow this blog! We talk about stuff here, and try to post the important bits regularly.
    • If you want to help in the forums, join the WP-Forums email list. Even if you’re not a moderator, we discuss problems and solutions there. It’s NOT a support list, it’s for moderators helping moderators.
    • Like IRC? We have a channel on Freenode called #wordpress and we’re always welcoming more.
    • If you’re really into documentation, rather than helping people one-on-one, go to Make Docs and jump in. There’s a lot of crossover between the two groups since many of us get tired of answering the same question and jump in.

    Do I need to have a lot of time to do this?

    Not at all! An hour a day or even five minutes is better than zero. We don’t have any time limits, we just ask you do your best.

    That’s cool, but I want to be a forum moderator

    Sure. Maybe.

    Look, it’s not that we don’t trust people, it’s that we actually are always looking for active, helpful, people who can keep a cool head when facing down the crazy. People who responsibly and reliably use modlook, and people who don’t feed the trolls. It’s a tall order. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but we expect you to try and to know when to ask for help. If we look at your past posts and you insult people, or lose your cool a lot, we may think it’s not a great fit yet, and we’ll tell you. Keep in mind, if being told you’re too abrasive is too much criticism to take, you may not want to be a forum mod. People are crazy and insult us every day in new and interesting ways.

    That means you should join the WP-Forums email list first. It’s low traffic, and we’re really pretty chill there. Raise red flags there, and keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s okay to mention ‘I’m interested in being a moderator’ and include your forum ID. We’ll check you out, see your history, and if we think that’s a good fit, we’ll tap you. Sometimes we spot you first and ask you instead. It’s not an exact science.

    First you’ll be a moderator, where you can delete posts and such, but if you keep up the great work, one day you’ll wake up with Admin access and the power to bozo/delete spam/control the world. Or the forums.

    Where do I go for help or if I have questions?

    The WP-Forums email list. No really. We’re here for you.



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    Welcome #

    The Codex is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit it. It grows and thrives off of individual contributions from people like you. Thank you for choosing to contribute to the Codex. This page should show you several ways in which you can contribute to the WordPress documentation project at the Codex.

    Top ↑

    First Things First #

    Before you contribute:

    Create an account and log in
    You cannot contribute without first logging in. Your WordPress.org forum username and password will work for the Codex, but you’ll need to register for that first if you haven’t already.
    Create a User Page
    After you have created an account and signed in, please create a new User Page for yourself. This helps us keep in touch, and helps you to define yourself.
    Read the Guidelines
    Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines and styles of the site.
    Sign up with wp-docs
    Become a member of the wp-docs mailing list

    Top ↑

    Things you can do #

    1. Administration and Maintenance
    2. Content Management
    3. Discussions and Decisions

    Administration and Maintenance #

    A comprehensive guide to helping in Codex maintenance and administration is available at Codex:Maintenance. Please read the guide and start helping, now!

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    Creating and Managing Content #

    You can help the Codex grow by creating and managing content on the Codex, in the following ways:

    1. Edit existing pages to improve the content, the grammar, spelling, and presentation. Don’t know where to start? Visit a Random page (there is a Random page in the left menu, on all pages), or head over to the maintenance page and work on the Stub Pages, or pages requiring Copy Editing. Help for Editors is available, should you need it.
    2. Pick a task from the Task list and start working on it.
    3. Create new content: So, you have a brand new tutorial or guide that you want to share with everyone? Read the guidelines for creating a new page and the Guide for creating new pages. Once you are familiar with the two, you can start creating your new articles.
    4. Translate the WordPress Codex. There are quite a few individuals and teams leading translation efforts within the WordPress Codex. If you would like to help, sign up for the WP-Polyglots Mailing List to find out which translation efforts are already underway and get involved. When an article within the Codex has been translated, following the instructions in the Guide for creating new pages on how to post a link to the translated article and back to the original. Translations currently include are available at Multilingual Codex.

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    Discussions and Decisions #

    1. Join the wp-docs mailing list and start sharing your opinions and perspective. Often, there will be discussions about the direction Codex has to take, and decisions will be made as to the functioning, structure of the Codex. Share your knowledge, and contribute to the community by taking active part in discussions, and providing feedback when requested.
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