Review WordCamp guidelines

Description: The current WordCamp guidelines were published at in April of 2011 and haven’t changed since. We’ve had about a year and a half to observe what’s been working, what needs clarification, and what might need a tweak. This working group will be 5-8 people.

Length of Project: Phase 1: (2-3 weeks) Create a prioritized list of current guidelines that are pain points, identifying why they are pain points and for whom. These items should be as specific as possible.

Phase 2: (2-3 weeks) Compare each pain point to the reason behind the associated guideline, and analyze the most efficient way to ease the pain while still solving the issue the guideline was introduced to solve, for the community’s maximum benefit.

Phase 3: (1 week) Draft a plan for revised guidelines for review by team reps.

Experience Required: Must have organized at least one, if not multiple, sanctioned WP events. Good communication skills, of course. Familiarity with the content at and understanding of the guidelines as they currently stand.