New Meetup Starter Packs

Description: When someone starts a new WordPress meetup group, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are lots of little things that make those first few meetups easier, like table tents, signs, a clipboard with a sign-in-sheet, name badge stickers, etc. In addition, figuring out how to get interested people to join the group/come to meetups can add to the stress. We want to create New Meetup Starter Packs that we can send new organizers, so they basically get a meetup in a box.

Length of Project: Several phases to this one. Phase 1. ID the things that are handy to have when starting a new meetup group/running the first few meetups and make a list of supplies, signage, etc that we could provide new meetup organizers to make their ramp-up easier. Also, ID ways to publicize the meetup (coffeeshop and college bulletin boards, other related meetup groups, related local businesses, etc). Make a list of everything we should include in a starter kit to send new meetup organizers. Time commitment probably about 1-2 weeks. Phase 2: Create the materials needed and/or make purchases. Time commitment probably 2-3 weeks. Phase 3: Assemble and start sending out starter kits. Time commitment would be likely a concentrated effort for a couple of days, then an hour or two here and there moving forward as new people apply to become meetup organizers. Phase 3 ideally divided between volunteers in different physical locations (including international) to keep postage costs low.

Experience Required: Current organizer of active meetup group, preferably using (or at least some of the 5 use