Multi-event Sponsorship Program

Description: Create a proposal for multi-event sponsorship program for WordCamps/Meetups/other events.

There are many large companies (hosting providers, etc) that want to sponsor every WordCamp, every WC above a certain size, WCs with more than x% developer attendees, meetups in developing markets, topic-specific events (theming workshops, hackathons, new user trainings, etc), you name it. Instead of having to reach out to each and every organizer, it would be easier for these companies to just give a block payment to the Foundation once a quarter and have it set up automatically. It sounds great, right? Start every event with a block of sponsorship money already in place? You’re right, it would be great!

That said, once you start looking at how to structure deals for this, potential issues become apparent pretty quickly, so it would be best if we structure this in a way that existing organizers can agree on, in terms of the pros and cons. Volunteering for this project would mean talking through the pros and cons in a group, and working on a proposal for how to structure overarching sponsorships so that everyone benefits.

Length of Project: This is a short term “subcommittee” type of project; it would be good to create a proposal within the next 2 weeks so we can get moving on a pilot progam to see how it works. I would expect volunteers to need a time commitment of a few hours a week for about a month to draft a proposal, run it by the group/me/Andrea/Matt, share it with a few potential sponsors for feedback, and turn it into sponsorship documentation for (coming soon)/codex/etc.

Experience Required: Experience *managing the finances* of a sanctioned WP event (especially within the past year running finances through Foundation), or managing your company or employer’s financial sponsorship of events (of sanctioned WP events is great, but not required).