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  • Helen Hou-Sandi 6:37 am on July 18, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
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    Dev chat summary for July 16, 9, and 2 

    We haven’t posted weekly summaries in a bit, so here’s a summary of the last three dev chats.

    • Beta 1: Shipped last Thursday, July 10. Feedback has been good so far.
    • Beta 2: Planned for tonight, July 17. @azaozz updated TinyMCE prior to release. Pending a couple of changes (or not) that @nacin is looking at: #22023 + #5809 and cookies tied to sessions (#20276).
    • Testing: Especially want feedback on the following things: plugin modals on many screens + accessibility devices, wpviews, customizer panels, media grid, install language flow.
    • Tickets: Generally under control, but still need more area-specific triage.

    In general, 4.0 is shaping up with two distinct groups of focuses: editing + platform & writing + global.

    Area specific updates:

    • Media Grid: Progress update from June 27. Reviews have been good but some help was needed on architectural reviews/revisions, CSS, keyboard accessibility. Attachment details will be tightened up (#28844).
    • Plugins: Progress update posted from June 28. Some API changes will take place so we can improve the Install Plugins page with groups of featured plugins. Need i18n attention on the plugin install page, but generally in good shape.
    • Customizer: we have panels now, some decisions need to be made about close vs. cancel language and possibly moving to a close icon + AYS
    • i18n: Progress update from July 2. Need help to complete things.
    • oEmbed: placeholders were added for when embeds are needed but not available—when the admin is SSL and a user pastes non-SSL embed URL, we try to get the SSL, if that fails, we try the non-SSL, if successful, we show the placeholder—the url in the post_content stays as pasted.
    • Other updates: Feedback will be posted about URL encoding with media_sideload_image(). Still looking at sessions; possible a schema change or two in there.

    As always, daily bug scrubs happen at 15:00 UTC.

    • Nick 5:53 pm on July 18, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Please include Akismet 3.0.1 in WordPress 4.0 beta2. THX. I’m using WordPress 4.0 beta1 with the WordPress Beta Tester plugin and have to update Akismet after every new install of a nightly build.

      @Helen Hou-Sandi, great work!!! Thank you!!!

  • Mike Schroder 6:03 am on June 19, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
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    Last Week(s) in WordPress Core 

    Hi Everyone! It’s time for another update. This edition covers through Sunday, June 15th, and has taken a while due to travel, but @swissspidy & @designsimply have joined the team, helping to gather the information to bring us up to date. Hopefully this will help these updates be a bit more sustainable over time. If you’re interested in pitching in with these updates as well, please let me know in the comments below!

    Especially of note are the first pass of the grid view for the media library, several SSL and oEmbed updates, and a new ‘Beta Testing’ tab on the Plugins screen.


    • Plugins Screen: Add a new ‘Beta Testing’ tab on the plugin installation screen, for features as plugins such as Press This. [28749] #28513
    • Media Library: Grid view for the media library, first pass. This is alpha; expect imperfection to start. [28682] #24716


    • Forcing SSL logins now forces SSL for the entire admin. [28609] #10267
    • Force SSL on the frontend when the home URL uses HTTPS. [28610] #27954
    • Force SSL admin when siteurl is explicitly configured with HTTPS. [28674] #27954
    • Use a secure logged_in_cookie when the home URL is forced HTTPS. [28627] #15330
    • Deprecate url_is_accessable_via_ssl(). [28709] #19555


    Themes and Templates

    • Add a filter to human_time_diff() to allow more detailed depictions of time differences. [28670] #27271
    • Allow simple modification of sections of the title by adding a wp_title_parts filter to wp_title(). [28669] #17877
    • Add CSS rules to ensure that videos will be responsive, regardless of theme. [28650] #28414
    • Replace TEMPLATEPATH and STYLESHEETPATH with get_template_directory() and get_stylesheet_directory(). These constants are now deprecated [28563] #18298
    • Update Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen to Genericons 3.0.3. [28692] [28693]


    • Improve keyboard accessibility for the media modal. [28607] #23560
    • Add screen reader labels to the date inputs on the post editing screen. [28730] #25461


    • When parsing the main query, if s is set to empty: ?s= and $this->is_main_query() && array_key_exists( 's', $this->query ) – kill the query instead of loading the homepage. This will load the search page with no results. [28612] #11330
    • Kill queries that explicitly pass empty arrays to category__in, tag__in, tag_slug__in, and author__in to WP_Query. [28664] #28099
    • Fix SQL generation when meta_query has an 'relation' => 'OR' for its queries and wants to 'orderby' => 'meta_value'. [28659] #25538
    • Allow users to sort posts by type in WP_Query. [28605] #28214
    • Add access modifiers to WP_User_Query Add magic methods for BC: get(), set(), isset(), unset(), and call(). [28528] #27881, #22234


    • Wide-reaching changes to do away with many instances of variable-variables. See #27881 for full list of changes.
    • Eliminate use of extract() within WordPress. #22400
    • Fix curly quotes around numbers when applicable. [28721] #8775
    • Only include relevant post authors in WXR exports. [28731] #20206
    • Append the date to $wp_version in the build output, for nightly packages. [28611] #26751.
    • Update wp_insert_comment() and wp_new_comment() with a check for successful database insert. [28672] #28254
    • Use get_pages() instead of a raw SQL query in get_body_class(). [28696] #28159
    • Pre-populate the selected URL or mailto:<email-address> when “Insert/edit link” is clicked. [28705] #19992
    • Live update the menu item title when the user is editing the “Navigation Label” field. [28707] #23076
    • Deprecate get_all_category_ids(). Suggest get_terms() as a replacement. [28679] #21200
    • Deprecate like_escape() and replace with $wpdb->esc_like(). [28711] #10041
    • Redirect edit.php?post_type=attachment to upload.php to avoid an empty list table. [28729] #27951



    • Update TinyMCE to 4.0.28. [28606] #28391, #27941
    • In iOS, fix placing the caret at the bottom of longer posts when the keyboard is open and disable resizing on switching editors and on show/hide of the kitchen sink row. [28626] #28242
    • Fix problems with undo/redo after resizing an image several times. [28614] #28389
    • Fix saving the editor content on switching from Visual to Text. [28576] #28353

    Thanks to @aaroncampbell, @adamsilverstein, @alexander.rohmann, @aliso, @atimmer, @avryl, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @bramd, @celloexpressions, @clifgriffin, @coffee2code, @danielhuesken, @DavidTheMachine, @DeBAAT, @donncha, @DrewAPicture, @eddiemoya, @edwin-at-studiojoyo.com, @ericlewis, @filosofo, @frank-klein, @Funkatronic, @garhdez, @gauravmittal1995, @gcorne, @georgestephanis, @ghost1227, @grahamarmfield, @harrym, @helen, @iamtakashi, @iljoja, @issuu, @ixkaito, @jackreichert, @JanHenkG, @Jayjdk, @jdgrimes, @jeffstieler, @jeremyfelt, @jesin, @jgadbois, @jjeaton, @jkudish, @joedolson, @johnbillion, @johnjamesjacoby, @johnzanussi, @jtsternberg, @kitchin, @knutsp, @kovshenin, @kpdesign, @kraftbj, @kurtpayne, @kwight, @lancewillett, @lessbloat, @markoheijnen, @mdbitz, @MikeHansenMe, @mikemanger, @miqrogroove, @mrmist, @MuViMoTV, @nabil_kadimi, @nacin, @nd987, @Nessworthy, @netweb, @niallkennedy, @ocean90, @obenland, @pdclark, @pento, @purzlbaum, @rclations, @redsweater, @ruudjoyo, @schoenwaldnils, @scribu, @senlin, @SergeyBiryukov, @sharonaustin, @shaunandrews, @simonwheatley, @sixhours, @slimndap, @solarissmoke, @tar.gz, @tillkruess, @topher1kenobe, @torresga, @UmeshSingla, @winterDev, @wonderboymusic, @wpsmith, @zamfeer, and @duck_ for their core contributions!

    Thanks to @swissspidy & @designsimply for their help with compiling this post.
    Revisions covered: [28528] to [28757]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac.

    Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.0.

  • Helen Hou-Sandi 7:16 pm on May 28, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
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    Summary for 5/21, Agenda for 5/28 

    Summary of 5/21 dev chat (IRC log):


    • Posts like the i18n goals one serve as a great model for anybody who has ideas for a feature or component roadmap, whether that’s within one cycle or longer term: a list of concrete goals that can be divided up into specific tasks.
    • The make/* blogs should be used as much as possible for discussions and progress updates. Teams that have been using separate P2s but should consider using the make.wordpress.org instead for wider reach and more active participation from the community.
    • Keep in mind that plugins are supposed to encourage rapid and possibly wild experimentation – please do not discourage that.
    • Think of meetings as blocked out times where you can more reliably get a group together and get unstuck as needed, but we should take advantage of async (Trac, P2) and adhoc (IRC outside of meeting) discussion as much as possible.

    Team Updates

    • i18n goals for 4.0 have been posted, @nacin is seeking people to help with a lot of it. @yoavf, @kovshenin, @iandunn, @coffee2code, and @otto42 have done or will do some of the i18n tasks.
    • JSON REST API was given another week to collate a detailed compare-and-contrast with the other available APIs, including the JSON API plugin and Jetpack/.com’s API, and proven client implementations.
    • Media Grid has a narrowed scope for 4.0 inclusion: something more visually driven than the standard list table, much like theme browser brought to themes and is being investigated for plugins in 4.0. Will also fix some long-standing issues that were brought in with 3.5.
    • Editor improvement ideas: @markjaquith and @avryl have put together a proof-of-concept plugin that we should smooth out and make a decision on.

    Agenda for 5/28:

    • Make final decision on JSON REST API.
    • One sentence updates from various groups – i18n, media grid, plugins, oEmbed, etc. Come prepared.

    Please propose any other agenda items in the comments below.

  • Mike Schroder 2:18 am on May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Last Week in WordPress Core 

    Hi Everyone! This is the first Last Week in WordPress Core for WordPress 4.0! Last week, a minor update, 3.9.1 was released, and autoupdates started shortly afterwards. Development on 4.0 is ongoing, and you can see notes and meeting details posted by @helen on this blog as well.


    • In wp.media.view.Settings::update(), when handling checkboxes, check for a value of false in addition to casting value to boolean. !! false evaluates to true. [28371] #23954
    • Allow users to set overrides for MediaElement instances by always passing _wpmejsSettings instead of just _wpmejsSettings.pluginPath. [28370] #25243
    • When pausing “all” players attached to MCE views, don’t reach into global scope and pause every player. Only pause the players bound to MCE views. [28364] #27971
    • In wp_read_image_metadata(), the values from exif_read_data() should only override values from iptcparse() that are empty. [28367] #23706
    • Support loop for [audio] and [video] shortcodes that specify files that are played using MediaElement’s Flash plugin bridge. [28363] #27368
    • MediaElement players need clear: both to play nice with adjacent floated elements. [28361] #27385


    • Custom Navigation Widget: Force users to choose a nav menu in the custom nav menu widget, for a better customizer UX. Before, they had to make a dummy change to get it to render. Now they are made to choose a nav menu from the dropdown, which feels more natural. [28197] #27878
    • Recent Posts Widget: Use ob_end_flush() instead of ob_flush(). ob_end_flush() flushes the output buffer and turns output buffering off, same as ob_get_flush(). [28195] #28009

    Themes and Templates:

    • Prevent paged-* from being added to body classes and prevent Page %s from being added to page title on 404 error pages on default themes. [28249] #16468
    • Bundled Themes:Prevent Page %s from being added to page title on 404 error pages in bundled themes. [28250] #16468.
    • Bundled Themes: Use correct logic in IE conditional comments in header template. [28341] #28151
    • Set the proper value for wp_title() when is_author() and is_post_type_archive() are both true. post_type should always win due to the precedence indicated in get_queried_object(). [28251] #25398
    • Update the default (WP-defined) styles for MediaElement players to be more in-line with our flat aesthetic. Use the new official colors. [28365] #27516

    Custom Headers:

    • Allow to skip cropping header images if image width is smaller than or equal to theme width. [28219] #27936
    • Avoid hiding ‘Remove’ buttons unrelated to custom headers. [27882] #27848
    • Keep header image from being removed when background image is removed. [28269] #28046
    • Avoid warnings in the process_default_headers() method. #27850
    • Fix logic when a theme doesn’t set default-text-color. [28294] #28042


    • Move home option to the top of populate_options() to make it easier to find next to siteurls for manual changes. [28260] #28141
    • Scrutinizer Cleanup: @wonderboymusic has started the process of cleaning up core with Scrutinizer. Check out the full list of fixes so far on #27882.
    • Hack/HHVM Compatibility: More from @wonderboymusic. See #27881 and #22400.
    • Dev Tools: Introduce default wp-cli.yml for core development. [28221] #28036
    • Add .dfxp and .srt files to mime-type whitelist in wp_get_mime_types(). They are both captioning formats supported by MediaElement. [28259] #27643
    • Add .xps and .oxps extensions to list of supported document types. More about the types on Wikipedia. [28372] #15697
    • When $type is atom in get_the_category_rss(), use get_bloginfo_rss( 'url' ) when setting the scheme attribute for the <category> node. [28258] #24444
    • In WP_Date_Query::get_sql_for_subquery(), don’t parse duplicate parameters – only parse one of w and week or month and monthnum. [28252] #25835
    • Add a filter for wp_list_comments() arguments. [28285] #19581
    • In get_the_author_posts(), if there is no current $post, return 0 and bail. [28362] #27998
    • In WP_Terms_List_Table::single_row(), call sanitize_term() on the passed term ($tag). [28360] #16864



    • First pass at wpview logic for the shortcode. URLs pasted on their own line are parsed as well. The toolbar will appear with the “remove” button when the view is clicked. Edit has not been implemented yet, nor have safety measures for non-iframe embeds. [28358] #28195
    • Audio, video, and playlist shortcodes: [28342] #22400, #27881
      • Convert all instances of variable variables to array properties
      • Stop using extract()
      • Rename $atts to $html_atts where collision with new $atts (shortcode atts holder) var might occur
    • Shortcode JS: Avoid errors when an escaped shortcode includes a newline between brackets. [28223] #27907


    Thanks to @andrezrv, @arnee, @avryl, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @Clorith, @danielbachhuber, @dimadin, @ebinnionm, @ehg, @ericlewis, @feedmeastraycat, @GaVrA, @gcorne, @greenshady, @helen, @hlashbrooke, @imath, @jartes, @jdgrimes, @jeremyfelt, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @jupiterwise, @mattwiebe, @MikeHansenMe, @m_i_n, @obenland, @ocean90, @pavelevap, @psoluch, @rob1n, @rzen, @sergej.mueller, @SergeyBiryukov, @t4k1s, @Tmeister, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their help!

    For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac. We’ve been chatting about 4.0 plans, and things are shaping up. Come chat this Wednesday to continue the discussion, and please note if you encounter issues with 3.9.1 on Trac.

  • Helen Hou-Sandi 8:30 pm on May 6, 2014 Permalink
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    Summary of last week’s dev chat on 4/30 (IRC log):


    Features as plugins

    • Met on 4/29 (IRC log)
    • Current potential considerations seem to be WP API and media grid.
    • Press This is getting some attention from an early stages working group, which could also be a part of the 4.0 release.
    • Admin Help is poised to shift into more of a continuous testing and advisory group, which is awesome.
    • Front-end editor is making good progress, but has UX issues that are getting worked on, needs iteration and experimentation and probably won’t be ready by 4.0, but should continuously be worked on, as is the goal of features as plugins in the first place. Developers needed.

    Potential ideas and their suggesters:

    Summary: we have good things in mind about more media improvements, more editing experience improvements, more visual media grid and better plugin installer experience (following in the footsteps of themes), and behind the scenes wins in taxonomy, multisite, and post type and comment APIs.

    If you’re interested in any of the above or have other ideas, please sound off in the comments.

    Getting involved

    • We are always looking for more people to be involved with Trac gardening, patch review, patch writing, or some combination thereof.
    • Component pages are running well, and most could still use the caretaking of a component owner or somebody who’d like to become well-versed in a particular area of core. To get started, just sign up for component notifications at http://make.wordpress.org/core/notifications/. No need to be an expert now – learning and persistence is more important.To help with a specific plugin, join their weekly chats and/or follow along wherever they post. See the Features as Plugins page for more information.
    • A reminder from @matt to always be dogfooding the product – use WordPress every day.

    Bonus punnage, to the lead’s chagrin:

    > wonderboymusic will make a t-shirt for anyone who gets all 16 of those Cache tickets closed :)
    > sams: “Cache Master”?
    > wonderboymusic: Johnny Cache
    > jorbin: If you fix the Cache, you’ll get the Credit. That Checks out.
    > MarkJaquith: I’d put in a cache pun, but I don’t want to be sent to purgetory.
    > johnbillion: You would have to be a cache machine to fix all 16

  • Andrew Nacin 5:36 pm on April 30, 2014 Permalink
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    Helen is the WordPress 4.0 release lead 

    Mike and I are pleased to pass the release lead baton to Helen Hou-Sandí for WordPress 4.0. I don’t think this will come as much of a surprise to most of you, but please offer @helen your congratulations, which are well-deserved.

    We’ve already discussed 4.0 a bit in our last two meetings. Expect today’s weekly meeting at 2000 UTC in #wordpress-dev to be the kickoff for WordPress 4.0.

    @DrewAPicture, @wonderboymusic, and @johnbillion have all been renewed for guest commit for 4.0. Additionally, I’m happy to announce that, after more than a year as guest committers, Dominik (@ocean90) and Sergey (@SergeyBiryukov) both have permanent commit access. Their prolific contributions have left a lasting mark on WordPress and I hope to see them at it for years to come.

    A release lead, if anyone is curious, determines all important parameters for a release, like schedule, deadlines, which feature plugins are merged, and more generally, scope and goals. They take point when it comes to meetings, shepherding contributions, announcement posts, and updates. A release lead is a connector and facilitator, identifying bottlenecks and friction wherever they may be and at the service of the developers and plugin teams that are aiming to have something in a given release, and be in frequent communication with them.

    The release lead should should follow what’s being committed, and set the tone for prioritizing and gardening the milestone on Trac. Given the constraint of time in hitting a date, help with prioritization and ensuring good communication lines are two of the most valuable things a lead can contribute.

    The last five release leads were lead developers, but that’s not a requirement, nor is being a committer. I always thought of my “code reviewer” and “committer” hats as being separate, additional responsibilities. (Helen, of course, also wears these same hats.) Regardless: the release lead has the final call on all important decisions related to the release.

    Addendum: For those unaware, for WordPress, version 4.0 sounds like a “big” version number but it’s just another major release for us, like 3.9 and 4.1, constructed over the same ~4-month release cycle. But don’t tell Helen that! Here’s to 4.0 being awesome.

  • Samuel Sidler 4:37 pm on April 28, 2014 Permalink

    Feature Plugin Chat tomorrow 

    As mentioned at the dev chat last week, we’re having a feature plugin chat tomorrow, April 29, 2014 20:00 UTC in #wordpress-dev. That’s the same time, same place as the dev chat on a different day. (The dev chat will take place on Wednesday, like normal.)

    Just like we did before, post your feature ideas here in one comment with the following information:

    • A brief (one paragraph) overview of your feature plugin proposal.
    • Current plugin status (idea stage, planning stage, under development, existing feature plugin, prior work, etc).
    • A list of those involved or already interested in your feature plugin (including you!)
    • What you’d like help with (scoping, planning, wireframing, development, design, etc).

    Again, this post and the accompanying chat is for posting ideas that you’d be interested in working on. It is not for posting every feature idea you have for WordPress.

    Current feature plugin leads: Please post an update for your plugin here, along with the information above.

    We’ll go through current feature plugins at a brisk pace, then talk about the new ones that are forming.

    See you tomorrow!

    • mttktz 6:38 pm on April 28, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I think WordPress lacks a feed reader.

      If you look at the most popular new blogging platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, they all have a way for you to see what others are writing and then re-blog or re-share that info. It’s a key feature that lets people communicate with each other. I’d like to see WordPress do this well, to have a feed reader integrated into the admin site with the ability to blog and comment on what you are reading in the world. It’s a feed reader with integrated “PressThis!”

      I’ve made a rough edged version of this plugin that works and people have started using it without me promoting it at all.
      See: http://mattkatz.github.io/Orbital-Feed-Reader/

      It’s just me working on it so far.

      I’d love help with design and development. Any advice appreciated – I think this is a big feature for WordPress-as-blog rather than WordPress-as-CMS.

      • Tomas Mackevicius 3:03 pm on May 1, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Good idea! Are you using internal SimplePie library to produce the feed? I noticed that if it takes a bit more time to get the complex feed (I was trying to parse Yahoo Pipes feed), SimplePie would render an empty page with an error message :(

    • Ryan McCue 3:12 am on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The JSON REST API is marching towards 1.0, with all the pieces beginning to fall into place. We want in on 4.0, and we’re determined to merge this cycle. :)

      For anyone who hasn’t seen the project, we’re working on providing a JSON-based API to access all your data in WordPress. Work on the project is happening over on GitHub, and we chat about the project over on our o2.

      We’re always seeking people to help, and we’d especially love some designers to help out with some UI pieces. If anybody’s using the API, we’d also love to hear about that and your experiences with using it!

      (I’ll endeavour to be present at the meeting tomorrow, however if I don’t make it, Rachel Baker will be present on the team’s behalf.)

    • Manny Fleurmond 3:58 am on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I know the that the last time the post formats feature was proposed to get an overhaul there were kinks and setbacks to be had. My proposal, which might be a bit controversial, is this: instead of post formats being lumped together with the main post type, I believe they should be split up into their own post types.

      I wrote a blog post a few months ago about this a few months ago but to sum it up: I think post formats are an arbitrary distinction that causes confusion to WordPress users. They are technically types of posts, so why can’t they be post types? My proposed set of features is as follows:

      1. The ability to allow individual formats to be enabled/disabled
      2. The ability to allow individual formats to be included or excluded from the main loop.
      3. Rework the quickdraft meta box on the dashboard to allow the choosing and quick posting of different post formats, using some of the old code/interface from the last attempted redesign
      4. They should be extensible, via the new meta field initiative
      5. Stricter definitions of said post formats.

      I’ve only done some brainstorming, specifically with the more media based formats, which I plan to enhance via some of the new media modals now available since WP 3.9 (audio, video and playlists). That being said, I would love feed back in planning and developing such a plugin. I think that this would help make post formats a lot more accessible and less confusing.

    • trishasalas 12:24 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Admin Help is in the initial stages of project scope and planning. Our goal is to make the WordPress Admin area easier, and more intuitive to use and to hopefully reduce the attrition rate in the process. The focus is on the existing Admin Help documentation with the knowledge that it could be completely re-written or morphed into a more intuitive UI. The idea of a tour has been mentioned many times in the past, but we are beginning with user testing to make sure that we solve the correct ‘problem’.

      We are currently in the planning stage doing user-testing, personas, storyboards and discussion. Project scope is also a focus because we want to keep the initial idea at a manageable level (i.e. we do *not* want to re-do the entire admin area!)

      Those currently involved include myself (@trishasalas) and @clorith as co-leads, @jazzs3quence, @ubernaut, @brainfork and @jerrysarcastic. @designsimply is helping with user testing.

      Our biggest need is to have more people familiar with user help/user support and those who are familiar with UI/UX design. The more input we have during the initial planning stages, the more successful we’ll be.

    • Svetoslav Marinov 12:58 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply


      Plugin: Orbisius Quick Nav
      Info: This plugin allows you to quickly switch between pages, posts, or any other custom post types from a dropdown.
      Status: up and running at http://wordpress.org/plugins/orbisius-quick-nav/
      Who is involved: just me (but I am both using my personal and company WP accounts)
      Need help with: ideas people, testers and programmers.


    • Michael Arestad 6:50 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Press This is a redesign with a focus on automation and speed. It will have a simplified interface, efficient media upload, and site switching.

      The plugin is currently in the idea stage You can see discussion and progress at corepressthis.wordpress.com

      I am the project lead (@michael-arestad) and those who are involved or have shown interest are:
      @melchoyce, @bilalcoder, @danielbachhuber, @folletto, @georgestephanis, @helen, @ryelle, @morganestes, @ryan, @stephdau

      If you’re interested in contributing, ping one of us on IRC and we’ll add you to the Skype Group and blog.

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. 7:51 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Native support for mobile platform detection is critical, in my opinion. Check out the Mobble plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/mobble/) which adds functions for detecting the OS and device characteristics.

      Mobile web sites and Responsive web sites are NOT the same thing and right now we can create responsive sites with CSS, but we can’t create Mobile sites without help. A mobile site doesn’t just HIDE elements on mobile devices, it never even sends the data (like unregistering widget areas on mobile to prevent data from widgets being sent).

    • John Blackbourn 8:46 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I know I’m late but I’d like to look into improvements to user profile editing in core. I’ve recently looked at quite a few plugins which add the ability to upload an avatar in addition to Gravatar, and I’ve been looking at how WordPress.com does this, as well as how it separates the screens for managing your profile and managing your user settings.

      Current status: Idea and research stage.

    • shaunandrews 8:47 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t sure if I could make the meeting today (which is in progress), but I wanted to mention that there’s a group of people working on the media-grid plugin: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/04/22/remember-the-media-grid-project-it-was-original/

      We had a single meeting (which I also missed, due to being a fool and confusing timezones), and are just gearing up. I’m @shaunandrews) planning to lead the project, and we have @helen, tillkruess, caseypatrickdriscoll, jcastaneda, kopepasah, klihelp, and ericlewis all showing interest in helping.

      We’ve got a GitHub repo: https://github.com/helenhousandi/wp-media-grid-view/

      I’m considering setting up a WordPress.com blog and/or a group Skype chat to help keep us all connected. Hit me up on Skype (shaun.andrews) or email (shaun@automattic.com) if you’re interested in helping.

      • Dave Navarro, Jr. 9:31 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Would love to see the ability to use a Taxonomy (separate from categories) to better organize media. I have sites with 10’s of thousands of media items and it’s a PITA to browse all that.

        • shaunandrews 12:22 am on April 30, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Some sort of grouping (or, collecting) is in our plans, but its too early to know how that’ll shape up. If you have any specific thoughts on the matter, please feel free to share :)

    • pressupinc 9:13 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’d like to build a version with more consistent written tone that is less colloquial–especially around error messages (e.g. “Are you sure you want to do this?” and the default 404).

      I have a few people interested in work on the project, and have done a survey to see what tone most community members would like to see.

      • John Blackbourn 10:17 pm on April 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        This has been brought up before. If you have a search through Trac you’ll probably find a couple of tickets relating to changing of phrases in core. Do you have a link to your survey?

        That said, this isn’t related to feature plugins. A better place to discuss it would be in a ticket on Trac.

    • vivekgounder@gmail.com 1:53 pm on May 1, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Congrats Helen :)

  • Mike Schroder 5:33 am on April 24, 2014 Permalink

    Last Week in WordPress Core 

    Hello there! This is Last Week in WordPress Core for the week of April 15-April 23. Happy release week, everyone! WordPress 3.9 “Smith” was released last Wednesday! Due to that, fewer commits this week. With a 3.9.1 maintenance release expected this week, changes up to tonight are included below.


    • Ensure widgets stay with themes during a theme switch. See [28124]. [28161] #27897
    • Run WP_Editors::enqueue_scripts() on admin_print_footer_scripts priority 1 (later), instead of admin_footer. Fixes incompatibility with the customizer. [28187] #27853
    • Remove create_function() from the customizer class to improve HHVM compatibility. [28143] #27805

    Theme Installer

    • Restore .zip theme installation by casting wp_count_attachments() before iterating it to avoid a notice when items exist without a mime type. [28139] #27802
    • Prevent customizer header image list from listing user images twice when no theme-specified images exist. [28152] #27839
    • Improved URL routing. [28141] [28147] #27055
    • Proper redirection and action links post-install in multisite. [28163] #27869


    • Update the TinyMCE tests to [28138] #27744
    • Fix icons in IE7. [28142] #27829
    • Restore wordpress_adv_hidden editor parameter to enable force-showing the kitchen sink. [28181] #27963
    • Shrink the font size for the selected item in “Format” dropdown so that it fits in more locales. [28180] #27903
    • Fix the active state of the Link button when an image wrapped in a link is selected. [28185] #27847
    • Don’t trigger the drag-and-drop uploader when selected test is being dragged from one window to another. [28189] #27880
    • Correct positioning when adding a caption to an image that is in a paragraph with other text. [28190] #27922
    • Update the “paste” plugin to the latest development version to fix: [28192] #27909 #27771
      • Correct pasting of Excel tables.
      • Leave TOC Anchors intact during paste.


    • Improve styling and fix RTL for playlists. [28172] [28174] #27923; [28173] #27924
    • Alter the layout of the checkboxes in the modal view for Audio/Video Details to allow translations more room to breathe. [28184] #27893
    • Graceful failures for TinyMCE views of video/audio playlists. [28144] #27821
    • Add a compatibility layer in wp-playlist.js to avoid VM errors from MediaElement’s plugin bridge in the TinyMCE views to whitelist file types for native playback. [28171] #27892
    • Refinements for asynchronous rendering in wp.mce.media.PlaylistView. [28182] #27899
    • Keep <tracks> from being filtered out when switching between visual and text editors. [28183] #27915
    • Hide extra tracks field in media modal when adding subtitles. [28169] #27915


    • Avoid a PHP warning during theme background-update checks when there are multiple theme directories registered. [28137] #27815
    • Properly gray out text fields when they are disabled or when they have the disabled class. [28179] #27906
    • Avoid counting all attachments when entering the post|page edit screens. [28191] #27985

    Thanks to @avryl, @azaozz, @bobbingwide, @celloexpressions, @dimadin, @feedmeastraycat, @gcorne, @helen, @jjeaton, @johnbillion, @kworthington, @lancewillett, @mcsf, @melchoyce, @nacin, @netweb, @ocean90, @SergeyBiryukov, @smashcut, @westonruter and @wonderboymusic for their help this week!

    For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac. We started talking about 4.0 plans this week in the weekly dev meeting. Come chat next Wednesday to continue the discussion, and note if you encounter issues with the new release on trac.

  • shaunandrews 3:18 pm on April 22, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: media library, media modal, media-grid   

    Remember the Media Grid project? It was original proposed back in the 3.7/3.8 cycle but never really took off — mainly due to our focus on The-Project-Formerly-Known-As-MP6 and the Widget team.

    Since then, I’ve been working on a plugin in some spare time: http://wordpress.org/plugins/media-grid/

    Its messy. Its basic. But I think there’s potential in the idea to bring the media modal’s layout to the Media Library. @helen created a GitHub repo for development: https://github.com/helenhousandi/wp-media-grid-view (Make sure you checkout the issues, especially: https://github.com/helenhousandi/wp-media-grid-view/issues/7)

    I’m looking to form a team to work on this project. I think we could have something ready for 4.0, but 4.1 is a possibility as well. It all depends on you. :)

    I’m looking for any-and-all help, but specifically 1-2 backbone-capable developers with familiarity with the Media Modal would be a huge help.

    Maybe we can chat about this a bit during tomorrow’s Dev Chat. Outside of that, lets plan on meeting in #wordpress-ui this Friday, Apr 25 @ 16:00 UTC.

    So, are you interested? Leave a comment below and/or join us on Friday. Thanks!

  • Andrew Nacin 5:25 am on April 21, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: , ,   

    Let’s have a meeting in #wordpress-dev on April 21, 2014 18:00 UTC, to discuss WordPress 3.9.1 and triage those tickets. As preparation for the meeting:

    Reception has been overwhelmingly positive and, anecdotally at least, we’ve seen more issues as they relate to deliberately changed aspects (TinyMCE/editing) versus generic plugin breakage. I think we’re in pretty good shape based on the bug reports that have come in, but with automatic updates at our disposal, there’s no reason to wait three or four weeks before shipping 3.9.1.

    I think we should try to fix the big, obvious stuff by Tuesday and release 3.9.1 as early as Wednesday. Some of the reported issues are pretty core to TinyMCE 4.0 and the various rewrites it triggered (like image editing), which means many of them won’t be handled by 3.9.1. That’s quite OK, especially since some of these may require some upstream fixes in TinyMCE, and since there can always be a 3.9.2 in the weeks ahead.

    What I do want to do is have no “unknowns” — we should know exactly what regressed or otherwise is broken, under what circumstances, how major or minor it is, how high or low of a priority it should be, etc. That includes unit tests (if applicable) or at least clear test cases.

    cc @azaozz @helen @wonderboymusic @gcorne @avryl @mcsf @ehg @jeremyfelt @ocean90 @westonruter

    • Andrew Nacin 5:28 am on April 21, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      If you’re able to look through tickets in your domain ahead of the meeting that would make it go pretty quick, and we can cover them really at any point during the day (I’ll be around all day), I just wanted to make sure the ball gets rolling.

    • Weston Ruter 11:39 am on April 21, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Alas, I’ll be in the air at this time. Not sure I’ll have WiFi. I think widget customizer is in good shape for 3.9.1 with critical #27897 being committed and with minor #27878 having a patch.

    • greghall1 9:02 pm on April 25, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Andrew,
      Not sure if this is where I should post this info.
      I upgraded two of my WP sites to 3.9 and have lost the thumbnails where I have manually arranged my galleries (this is how I set up the whole of both sites in my Hydra themed greghall.ca & monkeypencollective.com). I cannot add media as I am worried it will destroy my current and desired galleries throughout.
      Greg Hall

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