Project Name Lead Weekly Chat Documents Stage
Admin Help @trishasala, @Clorith April 21, 2014 17:30 UTC in #WordPress-sfd overview, P2 posts development
Front-end Editor @avryl April 22, 2014 17:00 UTC in #WordPress-ui P2 posts development
WP API @rmccue April 22, 2014 0:00 UTC in #WordPress-core GSoC posts, O2 group development
CEUX @melchoyce P2 posts on hold
Pages & Menus Merge discussion on hold
The Search Initiative @georgestephanis overview, P2 posts on hold
Featured Content @wonderboymusic overview, P2 posts canceled

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The various stages of feature development are:

  • Canceled: After investigation – and perhaps after design and development – this feature was canceled. Such features can be picked up in the future, if desired.
  • On hold: For one reason or another, this project has been put on hold until a later date.
  • Investigating: An idea isn’t quite ready to start scoping. Perhaps this idea isn’t meant to be a feature plugin or perhaps it’s just too large of a feature that needs to be scoped into smaller pieces.
  • Planning: Deciding the scope of a feature plugin.
  • Design: Scope determined and overview document made; design work being actively explored though not set yet.
  • Development: Design more-or-less complete and development work in progress.
  • Feedback: Design implemented as a plugin, now working on gathering feedback and addressing it, as well as polishing the feature. Answering the question “Should we include this in core?”

Landed Features

These features have graduated from a feature plugin to being in core. The list is maintained to provide a better overview of the process for new and upcoming feature plugins.

Project Name Lead Documents Release
Widgets Customizer @westonruter Final ProposalP2 posts 3.9
DASH @lessbloat, @joen Final ProposalP2 posts 3.8
MP6 @iammattthomas Final ProposalP2 posts 3.8
THX38 @matveb Final Proposaloverview, P2 posts 3.8
Widgets Area Chooser @shaunandrews Final Proposal, make/ui posts, make core posts 3.8